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How do websites work?


“the name of te website on the internet.”




“It refers to the portion of storage space on the hard disk dedicated to the website, along with the processor and RAM allocated to it, collectively contributing to its performance and speed. It also includes a firewall and SSL certificate for site protection.”

Website’s Files

“It comprises all the website’s data, including files, images, and databases, which are stored on the hosting service.”

Website’s Emails

“It’s the official E-mails for the website’s name.”




“It’s the main control panel of the website, utilized for designing the website interface, managing the site, and controlling its settings. It contains all the plugins and software used in the website.”

The website interface

“It’s the final destination that appears to users when they enter the website’s address  (domain), encompassing all the internal pages of the website.”

Getting the Domain

We reserve the domain (website name) after agreeing with the client on the desired name and ensuring its availability.

The Hosting

We allocate the space and necessary services to begin designing the website.

Activating Security

We activate the firewall to protect the website from hacking and activate an SSL certificate to display the site as secure for users.

The E-mails

We open official emails as per the agreement with the client and provide instructions for usage, as well as guidance on adding the emails to phones and computers.

Preparing the Dashboard

We design a simple and user-friendly website control panel (built on WordPress) and customize it according to the website’s needs.

Designing the Website

We design all website pages using the latest plugins and software, activating all required features as per the agreement with the client.

Handing Over the Website

After completing the design and obtaining client approval, we provide login credentials for the website dashboard and email accounts to the client, along with simplified instructions for managing the website.

Technical Support

We provide assistance and consultations related to the website for the client, resolving any issues or errors that may occur with the website after delivery.

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